Kẹo Việt Xưa

Viet Xua traditional sesame candy

Viet Xua traditional sesame candy – the combination of both tradition and integration in one product. Its packaging is luxuriously designed with breath of integration.

From only 2 organic ingredients, sesame seeds that are carefully selected and malt syrup, by a modern hi-tech production chain, each and every candy is created to meet even the strictest standards. The tender sweetness together with the subtly greasy fragrance of sesame make it a specialty that many Ambassadors of Vietnam in Korea, China, Malaysia…choose as a national specialty to gift international friends.

Viet Xua candy are made from carefully picked sesame seeds of similar sizes so as to ensure the seeds cook evenly.

Sesame seeds contains a big portion of vegetable oil, without proper equipment and technique to dry oil, candy will probably go smelly and moldy. Some manufacturers may use powder as a non-stick layer cover, not only consumers have to tap away that excessive powder, but this cover also highly tends to absorb moisture and cause the smell later.          

Some may use cooked sugar to spray directly onto the seeds that will form empty holes causing cracks or falling to bits, an ideal condition for the growth of bacteria or fungi.

With traditional experience and modern technology, Viet Xua has fixed those flaws in the making of candy. Using pounding and stretching techniques, malt syrup is cooked evenly, gooey and crunchy enough. This also helps with the product’s long shelf time in natural environment.