Rượu Việt Xưa

Savoring Viet Xua spirits flies our imagination to eternal golden rice fields, tangy sweat drops on the country girl’s cheeks and even cultural quintessence of generations back from the primitive age.

Savoring Viet Xua spirits awakens our sense of the fragrance of particularly early mature, likened to “damsel” rice, tangy sweat drops on the country girl’s cheeks, tranquil afternoons of soaring kites upon the blue sky, the harmony of light breeze sound from the flute and hearty laughter of children. The spicy and sweet flavor of Viet Xua spirits let people feel the cultural quintessence of generations back from the primitive age. 

Au Lac is a high-class product of Viet Xua spirits. One of the main ingredients, sticky rice of yellow flower plant breed, is carefully harvested and processed to remove 60% of its hard husk layer. Au Lac offers:

-        A tangy, tender but also intensive aroma, that unique scent of fermented sticky rice

-        A spicy, sweet, pure and mild taste

-        Storage and aging: in a standard basement for a minimum of 11 years

-        Physical and chemical properties qualified for EU standard, equivalent to 36-year whisky.

-        Raw materials standardized in compliance with global regulations, in Viet Xua’s detached material area. 

-        Water source with a height of 1000m above sea level, formed by fissures and cracks of Tan Vien mountain

- Purified to every single atom by world-class production line and modern technology

-        Bottles made in Europe, containing no metal or toxic property, safe for consumers’ health

-        Gilded packaging materials to emphasize the luxury and quality of the product


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