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Viet Xua Traditional Sesame Candy – 500gr
Viet Xua Purified Water – Bottle of 399ml
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Viet Xua Traditional Sesame Candy – 1kg

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Viet Xua traditional sesame candy is a special product of Viet Xua

Viet Xua Sesame Candy is made from carefully selected ingredients:

  • Sesame: In the raw material area in Nha Trang, sesame seeds are evenly distributed. It is harvested and screened according to its own method to ensure that the sesame seeds are even in size and quality.
  • Malt

 Production method: modern, completely different from the traditional method.

  • Sesame is roasted by machine, reaching the degree of oil dryness
  • Non-stick mold, do not use powder like traditional method
  • The press ensures that the sesame seeds and malt are tightly bonded, there is no empty cavity in the candy, preventing bacteria from multiplying and affecting the quality of the candy.
  • Cut: Use laser to cut, the edges of the candies are sharp, the candies are even
  • Packaging: luxurious, modern packaging