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Viet Xua Spirits – Au Lac – Wooden Box
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Viet Xua Spirits – Van Xuan – Wooden Box

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Viet Xua traditional spirits – Van Xuan: is a high-class product of Viet Xua spirits.

One of the main ingredients, sticky rice of yellow flower plant breed, is carefully harvested and processed to remove 60% of its hard husk layer.

–        A tangy, tender but also intensive aroma, that unique scent of fermented sticky rice

–        A spicy, sweet, pure and mild taste

–        ABV: 39%

–        Storage and aging: in a standard basement for a minimum of 9 years

–        Physical and chemical properties qualified for EU standard, equivalent to 30-year whisky.

–        Raw materials standardized in compliance with global regulations, in Viet Xua’s detached material area. 

–        Water source with a height of 1000m above sea level, formed by fissures and cracks of Tan Vien mountain

–        Purified to every single atom by world-class production line and modern technology

–        Bottles made in Europe, containing no metal or toxic property, safe for consumers’ health

–        Gilded packaging materials to emphasize the luxury and quality of the product